Please enter the name of the Issuer

This question only appears if the URL of the Authority Document doesn't match any known Issuer within the UCF.

There are three steps to taking your fist shot at finding the Issuer.

1.   Strip the URL back to the third “/”


2.   This gives you the Site.

3.   From there you will need to find the owner of the site. The owner of the site is the Issuer.

Example of an easy to find Issuer

1. ACQOSDIssuer

We stripped back the URL of one of the Authority Documents to find this site. Notice the top left of the site presents a very easy to find owner, which is the Issuer.

Example of a not-so-easy to find Issuer

2. ISACAIssuer1

This ISACA website’s URL shows the acronym for the site’s owner. You can’t use that as an acronym isn’t the proper name for the Issuer. You’ll see that the URL bar above the site shows a partial listing of the owner’s full name.

In this case, because it isn’t listed on the home page anywhere, we clicked on the About link to take us to a page that clearly defined the owner’s name.

3. ISACAIssuer2