Would you like to try searching for an existing term of which this term is an other form or nonstandard form?

Just because no existing term matches the new term doesn’t mean that it isn’t a non-standard term. It just means that the spelling isn’t close. Now you’ll need to search the dictionary’s definitions to see if you have a match.

Checking for word or characteristic matches

Using the advanced search capabilities, search the Compliance Dictionary’s definitions field for key words in your term. In this case, the search would be as shown on the screen.

If searching for the various characteristics doesn’t find a match, then the term is a new term. If it does find a match, you’ll need to check the context of the definition(s) you found.

To determine if the found definition matches the context of your definition compare the subject fieldof the Citations and Authority Documents that employ the found definition against the subject field of your term. If the found definition is employed in Citations and Authority Documents that deal with the medical universe and your term is about information security then neither is a non-standard of the other. If however, both the found definition and your term are used in Authority Documents about information security, then one is a non-standard of the other.

If you find a definition that matches the characteristics of your definition but not the context, then your term is a synonym. For instance, a general-purpose guide would define a heart attack as “an insufficient blood supply to the heart that causes both chest pain and damage to the heart muscle”. A medical guide (different context) would describe myocardial infarction as “an acute episode of heart disease marked by the death or damage of heart muscle due to insufficient blood supply to the heart and characterized especially by chest pain”. Same characteristics, different terminology, different context. Neither heart attack or myocardial infarction are non-standards of each other – they are synonyms.

Yes No

If you find a Compliance Dictionary term definition that matches both the characteristics and the context of your definition.

If there is no Compliance Dictionary term that matches both the characteristics and the context of your definition.