What is this Organization's CPE Vendor name, if applicable?

The CPE Vendor Name is the Vendor name according to the CPE structured naming scheme. 

Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) is a structured naming scheme for information technology systems, software, and packages. Based upon the generic syntax for Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), CPE includes a formal name format, a method for checking names against a system, and a description format for binding text and tests to a name.
https://nvd.nist.gov/cpe.cfm Vendor
Values for this attribute SHOULD describe or identify the person or organization that manufactured or created the product. Values for this attribute SHOULD be selected from an attribute-specific valid-values list, which MAY be defined by other specifications that utilize this specification. Any character string meeting the requirements for WFNs (cf. 5.3.2) MAY be specified as the value of the attribute.