Select one of the potential matching Controls if it matches the Citation you mapped.

Citations are Matched to Common Controls based on how closely the tagged action (primary verb) and tagged object (primary noun) in the Citation relate to the tagged action (primary verb) and tagged object (primary noun) in the Common Control.

Verb hops are given greater precedent than noun hops as the action of each concept is a greater differentiator than the object of the concept.

Verb Hops + Noun hops = Accuracy rating (% rating)

Common Control Matches and Impact Zones

The Common Control results list is automatically filtered to the top 3 Common Control Impact Zones correlating to the Subject Matter of the Authority Document. This information is based off how all our other previous Authority Documents have been mapped.

For some tasks you will need to expand the Common Control results list to include other Impact Zones.

Expanding Common Controls results list

Impact Zones

  1. Click Filter Options
    1. filteroptions2
  2. Click the first text field to open the complete list of Impact Zones.
    2. filteroptions3
  3. Select the appropriate Impact Zone(s).
    3. filteroptionsselect