Select an existing citation to pre-fill the task, if applicable

  1. Check to ensure the citation, including stub citations if applicable, matches exactly.
    • Tip: use Research and the suggested match(es) Citation ID(s) to determine if suggested are an exact match.
  2. Select the citation if it matches.

Multiple matches

Multiple Mandate Citations

The Citation will need to be entered a follow up time for the amount of mandates, and matched to a different mandate each time to ensure all multiple mandates are captured.

Identifying multiple mandates citations: You can tell a citation match is multiple mandates, if it has the same AD ID, same CT Reference number, and different Common Controls (CC ID).

Multiple Citations with different Common Control Matches

If you encounter a situation, where there are matching citations that are not multiple mandates, any of the matches can be selected. Use your best discretionary judgement to determine which one to select.

Identifying multiple differentiated citations: You can determine these are NOT multiple mandate citation, if they have different CT Reference numbers and/or different AD IDs.