Do you know the URI that contains the contents of the document?

If you can't find anything that resembles the Authority Document you are looking for, select No.

This will reject the request from the system and ask you to document what you found instead of the Authority Document in question.


Searching for AD example

Many times you aren’t going to be as lucky as to find a download button. In this example, the requested page is only a reference to the Authority Document. The example below shows the page that was sent to the UCF Mapper tool (top), then having to search for the AD’s name in Google (middle), and then that AD’s purchase page URL (bottom).

1. ISO2707InfoPage

2. ISO2707SearchPage

3. ISO2707Purchase

The point is, if you are having a hard time finding the link to the document on the page, the answer is it might not be there. If that’s the case you are just going to have to spend some time sleuthing around Google to see if you can find the document.