Can you identify the Authority Document's language?



If you can readily identify the Authority Document's language, then answer Yes.

If you neither you nor Google can identify the language, enter No.

If you can't, copy some of the text from the document and open a browser to the Google Translate page ( Paste the copied text into the field to the left. Select the language that the requester indicated in the pop up, then click the Translate button. If the text is translated into English, you have a match. If the text is not translated into English, reset the Google parameters to "Detect language" — it's very likely that it will determine the right language. If Google does identify it, then answer Yes.



Example of a foreign language page and translator

Translate bar

If you are using Google or any other browser that supports automatic translation, and you see a translation bar such as this one on the top of your page, it will tell you what language it thinks the website is in. That’s good enough for us.